Highway Department

The Town of Montgomery covers 51.1 1 sq. miles in Orange County, and the Highway Department maintains over 66 miles of roads within the Town limits. The Town roads intersect with State, County, and Private Roads, all of which are maintained by the perspective agency, unless otherwise stated below. 

Residents on State Roads may contact the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) at: (845) 562- 4020 for any concerns with road conditions, repairs, or Permits on Right of Way. 

New York State Roads in the Town are:

  • NYS Route 17K
  • NYS Route 52
  • NYS Route 208
  • NYS Route 416
  • NYS Route 211
  • I-84
  • I-747

See the NYSDOT web site at www.dot.ny.gov for additional information on Residential Driveway Permits. 

Residents living on County Roads can direct questions about scheduled road repairs, drainage issues, or driveway permits to the Orange County Department of Public Works at (845) 291-2750. Information for permits for work on a County Road (Driveway Permits), can be found on www.co.orange.ny.us go to Public Works, and click on Permit for Work on a County Road. 

County Roads in the Town are: 

  • County Route 14 - Albany Post Road
  • County Route 17 - Searsville Road
  • County Route 29 - River Road
  • County Route 75 - Coldenham Road
  • County Route 78 - Hill Avenue
  • County Route 85 - Plains Road
  • County Route 99 - Neelytown Road
  • Orange County contracts with the Town of Montgomery to remove snow on River Road only.

Those individuals that live on private roads receive no services to maintain, nor can Town vehicles access privately own property. In case of emergency, and as directed by Police or Ambulance Corp a road may be cleared for emergency services to gain access at the Highway Superintendent's discretion. 

The primary responsibility of the Highway Department is to maintain the Town Road and respond to the needs of the residents. In the winter, the roads are plowed and remain clear of any snow accumulation. Springtime culverts are cleared, drainage issues identified and roads are evaluated for any winter damage. Summer is the optimum time for road surface and drainage maintenance; roads have the opportunity to cure and the drainage construction changes monitored. Winter preparations can vary from year to year, but tree trimming and shoulder improvements continue until the first snowfall. 

Maintenance of Town Roads consists of but is not limited to: Road surface reconstruction and crack sealing, road shoulder repairs, pot hole repairs, signage, drainage within the town's right-of-way or town easements, road marking (line striping) , site distance improvements, tree trimming and mowing along town roads right- of- ways and snow removal. 

Residents, please follow the Town's snow ordinance prohibiting vehicles parking on the road during a storm. This will save both the highway, and police departments from additional time and fuel cost to address the situation and clear the road. 

There is an increase in the number of residents using private contractors to plow driveways. When plowing a residential driveway, it is unlawful for the contractor or resident to push the snow into the Town's roadway/or right-of-way. If an accident would occur from this practice it would not only make the town liable, but also the resident who hired the contractor. Please advise your contractor at the start of the season that the Town will enforce the law and those individuals plowing snow into the roadway/or right-of-way will receive a summons. 

The Highway Department and Police Town/State work together to ensure the safety of its residents. Emergency situations and conditions are handled in a timely manner, with communication and cooperation from its residents. PLEASE SLOW DOWN IN INCLEMENT WEATHER- A few minutes late beats the alternative. 

Questions about snow plowing on River Road (County Rte 29) and Town Roads can be directed to the Town of Montgomery Highway Department at (845) 457-2610 or (845) 778-1895, during scheduled working hours. Monday Through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Matters of Emergency not during regular working hours can be directed to the Police Department at (845) 457-9211. The dispatcher will contact the Highway Personnel on call. 

Mailboxes are sometimes knocked over while plowing. This occurs because the weight of the snow (especially when it's wet), comes off the plow with such weight and force that it can damage or break an already rusty or rotting mailbox pole. Subzero weather can make the mailboxes and poles brittle and when the snow hits the object, it shatters. While weather permits it would be advantageous to check your mailbox and post to make sure it secure, and no repairs are necessary. 

It is a privilege to have a mailbox on the Town's right of way, and by law residents may be required to remove them at the discretion of the Highway Superintendent.

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