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This page contains information including links that pertain to Climate Change and Green Technology. You can find information on what is being done by our local, state, and federal government as well as things you can do to help reduce our Green House Gases(GHG).

Links of Interest:

Sent by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for Climate Week in September 2016, but these are things you can always do.

Take action!

Small actions turn into big impacts when more people do them more often, so we encourage you and you colleagues to find at least one small change you can make for Climate Week.

For example:

· Share a ride - Find one or two trips you make regularly that you can turn into a shared ride or a bus ride.
· Change five lightbulbs - ENERGY STAR certified bulbs use about 75% less energy, last more than 10 times longer, and generate 75% less heat than standard bulbs. Check your local utility for rebates on these types of upgrades (e.g., CenHubStore for Central Hudson customers).
· Eat less meat - One or two vegetarian days per week can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions, which are higher for producing meat than plants.
· Use your drapes – Keep them drawn on hot days and open on cold days to minimize how much energy you need for heating or cooling.
· Walk or bike - See if you can turn shorter trips into zero-emission trips by walking or biking.
· Turn off the lights – Leaving the room? Flip that switch.
· Decrease food waste – Make a weekly food plan so you only buy what you’ll use, and start composting scraps and leftovers. Food waste creates methane in the landfill.
· Switch to green electricity - S. DoE’s Green Power Network lists sources for wind, hydro, or solar powered electricity in your area.
· Program your thermostat - About 2% of your energy bill can be saved for each 1° F of change, maintained for at least eight hours.
· Plan your errands – Take a look at the things that need to get done this week, and turn multiple trips into one to use less gas.
· Use a fan – A fan uses less energy than A/C, and can make you feel 3° F to 8° F cooler.
· Stop idling – Waiting in car line? Idling uses more fuel than restarting the engine.
· Eat local – Buy local food, which didn’t travel as far by truck to get to you. Find seasonal recipes and head to the farmer’s market or the food co-op.

Want more information?

Check out the climate resources on our Climate Team website and by visiting the website or contacting the DEC Office of Climate Change.

The Climate Program at the Hudson River Estuary Program

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The NYS Public Commision's Consumers Web Site - a good place to find info on ways to save on your energy, what type of incentives are available, and more. This is for residential, non-residential, and low income

Here is a link to the EPA as of 1/19/2017 as it looked before our new head of EPA

Click here for the current EPA site

Other Interesting Links about Green Technology: