Town of Montgomery Police Department

Town of Montgomery Police Community Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the Town of Montgomery Police Community Advisory Board is to promote community trust in the Town of Montgomery Police Department and to enable the Police Department to fulfill its public safety goals as effectively as possible. The Board will work to open lines of communication between community members and police, advance transparency and accountability of Police Department operations, and advise the police department on policies, procedures and programs.


The PCAB will consist of at least seven and not more than 11 persons at the discretion of the town board. When possible, the Board should include members from the three villages composing the town, as well as a diverse cross-section of the community. The Chairperson is the spokesperson for the Board.


To enhance the relationship between the Police Department and the community, the Town of Montgomery PCAB has the following functions

  1. Hold open regularly scheduled meetings to discuss current issues and provide a forum for community input.
  2. When necessary, assist a member of the community to file a complaint concerning the police department.
  3. Review complaints of community members about police behavior/activity. While the Board does not have authority to decide the outcome of complaints, it may request information about internal police investigations and make suggestions.
  4. Provide input and opinions on Police services, procedures and protocols.
  5. Assist in strategic planning efforts.
  6. Conduct a biennial survey of community perceptions of police performance.
  7. Facilitate educational and outreach initiatives with various community groups.

NYS Executive Order 203