Natural Resource Inventory

The Townships of Wallkill and Montgomery in northern Orange County contain diverse natural features and resources, including many streams, wetlands, and water bodies, varied topography and scenic views, forest and woodlands, a variety of animal and plant habitats, and numerous species of plants and animals of conservation concern. This Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) is designed to provide baseline information for planning and local decision making processes including site plan review, SEQRA review, and evaluation of conservation easements. The NRI contains existing general information; field verification will be necessary on specific parcels. Additional significant natural resources may be present on any site within the two towns; additional field surveys may be required to more accurately describe resources on a site by site basis.

The NRI was compiled with the assistance and support of members of the Town of Montgomery Conservation Advisory Council and the Town of Wallkill Commission for Conservation of the Environment. The NRI was updated in 2020 to make a more usable document with updated maps for our community.

Town of Montgomery Habitat Summary (2018)

This is the final version of the Habitat Summary that Laura drafted for the Town of Montgomery to use in conservation and land-use planning. Click the links below to view each or click here to see all 4 files:

OCWA Natural Resources Inventory