CAC Events & Projects

The Conservation Advisory Council participates in a variety of events and projects through out the year. This has included Trees for Tribs, the annual Riverkeeper Sweep, the CAC Community Garden, Rain Barrel Workshops, Critical Environment Areas, Natural Resource Inventory, Montgomery SmartHeat, a Celebration of Bluebirds, Solar Presentations, & more. Listed below are the upcoming events for the year.

2023 Events & Projects

  • Trees for Tribs Maintenance Event
    • October 29, 2023 10AM - 12PM
  • 12th Annual Riverkeeper Sweep
    • May 6, 2023 10AM - 12PM

Critical Environmental Areas

The Town of Montgomery Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) received a grant from the Hudson River Estuary Program and Hudsonia, Ltd. to work on a proposal to create a Critical Environmental Area in the Town based on information and recommendations in the updated Natural Resources Inventory of 2020 and the Town Comprehensive Plan of 2021. The CEA team representing both Town and Village of Walden participants has been meeting monthly since June with Hudsonia biologist, Gretchen Stevens to consider the most important areas that merit protection. It was decided to focus on two major aquifers as delineated by the Orange County Water Authority- the Tin Brook Valley Aquifer and the Beaverdam Brook Aquifer- which feed the wellfields of municipal and public school wells and include other important resources of meadows, forests, wetlands, streams and floodplains.